I've been away for months, but I wanted to come back to post this, which is the site's 50th post.For now ACTA is no longer a threat and I want to thank every single protester, social media information sharer, and anti-ACTA activist for helping to make this a reality. For now ACTA is gone, and that's the good news.

The bad news is that the US government is still using copyright as an excuse to attempt to regulate the internet, and it's looking like things are only going to become more Orwellian from here. Legislation like CISPA is still a threat and there are articles detailing how the FBI wants to put backdoors on sites like Facebook. On the surface that might seem like a good thing, but hackers that want the same data for malicious purposes can use those same back doors.

There is also talk of how they want to isps to log every url that is accessed by every internet user which is a massive invasion of privacy to say the least. Media companies with their outdated business models want to make sure that people don't pirate their media and this incredibly invasive method is the only thing they could come up with. Supposedly it is a six-strikes system where initially internet connection speed will be throttled, then more severely throttled, then cut off completely.

There seems to be a never ending parade of legislation geared towards curbing piracy through means that invade the privacy of internet users. Honestly I think a much better approach would be if the media companies could embrace technology instead of trying to fight it. Then we could focus on real issues like recovering the economy.

There is good news though. We are moving in a direction where more and more artists are using websites like Kickstarter to fund projects without going through a record label, or publisher. In the end I'm not sure if cooler heads will prevail and we'll get our privacy back, or if we'll be living in some sort of 1984-esque society, but for now ACTA has been defeated and for that I thank you.

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EU will refer ACTA to highest European court

ACTA will be put through a democratic process for the first time ever. This may finally be what takes the wind out of it's sails. After several countries halted the ratification process due (at least in part) to the massive protests held throughout Europe in the last few weeks, it will head to court in June.

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The Free Information Act

Redditors are banding together to crowdsource legislation to protect the internet.

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Croatian President Invites Anonymous for Consultation over Controversial ACTA Law

The fact of the matter is that author, creators of content need to be paid. However, they need to be paid and protected by the laws of the country, and not having the laws of the country protecting the content distribution, not content creation lobbies. Regardless of the emotions involved in such debates, what we as the digital community need to know is that politicians are constantly courted by various lobbies. Only by raising voice and informing the politicians can laws and agreements be changed. For Croatian president, we would advise him to work on bringing the full set of digital content distribution services, and then discuss on content protection. Why iPhones are being sold in a country where you cannot legally buy music content for it?

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ACTA is part of a multi-decade, worldwide copyright campaign

We need copyright reform. Desperately. There is a system in place that encourages companies to punish creativity, blame piracy for "lost sales" despite an increase in sales, and criminalize people who download music all in the name of greed. It's beyond ridiculous, and I feel like the US government bends to the will of these out of touch entertainment industries. Instead of embracing technology, growing, moving forward and increasing their profits in a way that would make everyone happy, they are trying to preserve outdated models and go against the current of progress.

SOPA, PIPA, and ACTA are just the beginning. Make no mistake about it.

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H.R. 1981 – These Bills Just Keep Coming

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New Round of Protests Planned for Feb. 25th

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Pirate Bay: The RIAA Is Delusional and Must Be Stopped

I couldn't agree more with this article. The fact that we have an international "agreement" that's being pushed by American entertainment industries to control modern technology that they don't understand is ridiculous. Thankfully non-US countries are protesting and not ratifying ACTA. It makes me glad that they value freedom over these companies who, in their twisted minds actually think they will sell more plastic discs by limiting and damaging the internet.

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Lithuanian government steps away from ACTA

With all the doom and gloom news that's been coming out surrounding ACTA it's good to see country after country supporting their people instead of the influences of groups like the MPAA and RIAA. I'm hoping that we'll see even more and it looks like the recent protests in Europe had a great impact.

On a side note, regular site updates are back :)

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Content Update

Rather than have a post with my line or two of commentary and a link to check out, I've been very pressed for time lately, and will be until Thursday. For today I'm playing catch up and am including a lot of content in one post.

These are some of the highlights from the dozens of protests that took place across Europe over the weekend.

And the news...

Hopefully I'll be back to my regular posting later this week, and again I apologize for the interruptions.

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